This is our painting as we head into our final class.  It’s a lovely picture to paint, very relaxing , no pressure to get details ‘correct’ as I guess no two angles are the same on this hand-built house!


It takes a while to get back into routine – sure sign of a new year beginning – I forgot to scan the painting before updating it!  So this represents two weeks work, well most of it – as the painting is a little longer than my scanner can handle.

We’re using an old photograph of a cottage with a dirtied whitewash wall and a weather beaten door.  I think the beauty of this will be in the detail.

“isn’t she lovely”, as the song goes, this is our young girl finished.  It’s such a sweet painting that everyone in each of the classes attempted it – everyone painting the same picture, I think, was a first! When they were all displayed for the critique it was like a family album, a display of cousins all somewhat alike and yet different – especially the one in the velvet dress!  Some did find it a difficult painting, I suppose you have to be more structured in your approach to painting a person compared with a landscape, but amazed themselves with what they were able to achieve – which for me, is the icing on the cake.

Now she’s taking shape… I added 7 layers of wash to her dress (others needed a few more to get the effect) and a little blush to her cheek goes a long way.  She’s essentially there now, we’ll just add a few finishing details next week.  Hazel

We spent last week making our pretty little girl not so pretty.  We’ve marked in the darks giving her structure, which will make it easier for us to build her form, and we’ll redeem her next week – I’m looking forward to it, I hate leaving her in this cartoon fashion.  Hazel

This picture has a beautifully gentle start and this image represents work over two weeks (four hours).  I’m sure that she’ll appear not so pretty over the next week or two until she returns to her full beauty – we’ll see.  Hazel


Our Acrylic Painting Classes start back the week of 23rd April, running on a Monday Morning and a Tuesday and Wednesday evening.  This time around I’ve chosen a picture of a young girl in her Mother’s shoes for my step-by-step demonstration if you want to paint along with me.  Trish brought a copy of this picture in a year or two ago and painted an excellent version, she kindly left her photographic copy with us to use – it’s a painting she was very familiar with, and fond of, having spent many hours in a hospital corridor along side a print of it.

If you’d like to join us to paint this, or another picture of your choice, please call Hazel or Cyril on 0505 47025 or 087 2889616.  All materials are provided – including the coffee!  Classes run for 2 hours, morning classes from 10am and evening classes from 8pm, over 5 weeks and the cost is €110.  All the best, Hazel

Tuesday evening, 17th April, we’re holding an oil painting class, starting at 7pm (earlier than usual) as this picture took me 3 hours to paint – wet into wet,  with a break for coffee it will take us up to about 10:30 before we finish.  We  have 2 places left if you’d like to join us.

Ring Cyril or Hazel on 087 2889616 or email on  The paint, canvas and all other materials are included in the course fee of €35.  All the best, Hazel

This coming Tuesday evening, 10th April, we’re holding  a silk painting class.  We’ll start at 8pm with a demonstration, then everyone will try their hand at painting with the dye themselves, after which we’ll break for coffee and a chat, then when we’re nice and relaxed we’ll confidently head back to paint a second picture.

If you’d like to join us, please ring on 0505 47025 / 087 2889616 or email us on   All materials are provided in the cost of €35.

All the best, Hazel

We finished our painting of the Blasket Islands this week, the last of a 5 week course.  Isn’t it amazing what you can create from just 3 colours; ultramarine, cadmium red, lemon (and white for toning).  This was actually a simple(ish) picture – by that I mean, there was a lot of work but it gave results – with the splash giving the most challenge.  Here’s a photo of the work from one of the classes.